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How to Calculate the Number of Blocks Required to Complete a 3 Bedroom Flat

The floor plan of a three bedroom flat is as shown below. It is required to estimate the quantity of 6 inches block (without...

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Load Transfer from Slab to Beams – A Comparative Analysis

In the design of reinforced concrete structures, floor loads are usually transferred from slabs to beams, and from the beams, the loads...

Cost of building a duplex in Nigeria (foundation to DPC)

The cost of building a duplex in Nigeria varies from location to location, and it is influenced by the size of...

Standards for Highway Materials in Nigeria

Earth materials are extensively utilised for highway construction in Nigeria. It has been recognised that high quality lateritic soils which are abundant...

Inclusion of women in construction industry

Growing up as a Nigerian from one of the least developed communities, I have identified that our continent Africa and Nigeria in...
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