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How to Write NSE Technical Report

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) was founded in the year 1958 to serve as an umbrella body for professional engineers in Nigeria. As...

Structville Webinar on Structural Design (May, 2020)

Structville Integrated Services Limited in their commitment to qualitative knowledge of civil engineering designs will be organising monthly webinars on selected topics in civil...

Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Frames using Force and Displacement Methods

Structural analysis is an important aspect of any structural design. It is simply the process of determining the effect of direct and indirect actions...

Effect of Member Configuration on the Deflection Behaviour of Trusses

Trusses are important civil engineering structures that are used in the construction of roofs of buildings, bridges, towers, stadiums, etc. The main structural feature...

How to Achieve Grade 25 Concrete on-Site

The characteristic compressive strength of concrete to be used in construction is usually specified in the working drawings, design calculation sheets, and contract documents....

What is the Correct Position for Column Rebar Laps?

Columns are compression members used for transferring superstructure loads to the foundation. In reinforced concrete detailing and construction, the lapping of reinforcements is almost...

Risk Management for Municipal Utilities | Public Utilities

Municipal utilities are responsible for supplying large communities with water, power, and natural gas. These utilities are run for the benefit of the community,...

Comparison of the Force and Displacement Methods of Structural Analysis

Structural frames can be analysed used the force and displacement methods


Design of Reinforced Concrete Slanted / Raker Beams

Inclined beams (often called raker beams) are often found in structures like pedestrian bridges, ramps, staircases, stadiums, etc. Due to their geometry, these beams...

Deep Soil Mixing

To create hardened solid materials (also known as enhanced geomaterials), which have increased strength and stiffness, chemical agents (also known as binders) can be...

Plastic Analysis of Frames



Analysis of Vehicle Collision on Bridge Piers

EN 1991-1-7 discussed and gave guidance on accidental actions and their applications in the design calculations for bridge structures. It is obvious that there...

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Out-of-Plane Two-Way Bending Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Walls

Masonry is defined as an assemblage of masonry units (blocks, bricks, etc) laid in a specified pattern and joined together with mortar. They are...


Structural Design of Slabless (Sawtooth) Staircase

Slabless staircases (also called sawtooth staircases) offer aesthetically pleasing alternatives in buildings, and are often a source of wonder to those who do not...

Stress Distribution in Soil: Practical Applications in Design and Construction

Just like every other material on earth, soils respond to externally applied load by developing stresses and strains within their material structure. The analysis...

Overview on the Design of Cable Structures

Steel cables are frequently used within form-based structures in the family of designs known as lightweight tension structures. For a variety of reasons, the...

Design of Roof Purlins

Roof purlins are members used to directly support roof sheeting materials, and could be made of timber or steel. In timber construction, purlins are...

What is the likely cause of this failure?

Using the only data available from this picture (which is the crack pattern), what is likely caused failure of this structure? The structure is...

Basic Information on Fire Protection of Buildings

Fire outbreak is a problem in buildings since it causes loss of human lives, injuries, destruction of properties, and poses serious environmental challenges. Injury and...


I spent a large part of the last few months developing the contents of this booklet on 'Structural Design of Swimming Pools and Underground...
In this post, we are going to show how cantilever retaining walls can be analysed and designed on Staad Pro software, and also compare...





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