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Structural Design of Swimming Pools and Underground Water Tanks

I spent a large part of the last few months developing the contents of this booklet on 'Structural Design of Underground Water Tanks and...

Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Frames using Force and Displacement Methods

Structural analysis is an important aspect of any structural design. It is simply the process of determining the effect of direct and indirect actions...

Structural Analysis of Portal Frames Subjected to Gravity Load

Gravity actions are normally used for verification of portal frames for lateral, buckling, and torsional stability. Elastic analysis and design of portal frames is...

How will you describe this system of forces?

What is the best description that you will give to this system of forces? (a) Coplanar parallel system of concurrent forces (b) Non-coplanar parallel system of...

Is This Ultimate or Serviceability Limit State Failure?

Kindly look at the image carefully, and lend your professional opinion if the failure of the building will be categorized under ultimate or serviceability...

Design Example of Steel Beams According to Eurocode 3

Introduction This post deals with the design of simply supported I-beam section subjected to permanent and variable loads according to Eurocode 3. The design involves...

The 2018 Earthquake Induced Flow-Slide in Jono Oge Sulawesi, Indonesia

On September 28, 2018, a large earthquake of magnitude (Mw) 7.5 struck Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. A major cause of large fatalities from this event...

Hemp and Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Hemp and Recycled Aggregates Concrete (HRAC) is a sustainable concrete where coarse aggregates are partially replaced with industrial hemp fibers and recycled concrete aggregates...


Analysis and Design of Arch Bridges

The use of arches as a structural form can be dated back to antiquity. Arch structures are unique structural forms which resists forces majorly...

Static Analysis of Suspension Bridges: A solved Example

Cables are made from high-strength steel wires that are twisted together.  They offer a flexible structural system, which can resist loads only by axial...



Dynamics of Footbridges | Vibration and Serviceability

Footbridges are susceptible to traffic-induced vibration due to their typical slender nature. Therefore, the serviceability level of pedestrian bridges is influenced by the deformations...

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Lateral Load Resistance of High-Rise Buildings

The lateral load resistance and stability of buildings get increasingly important as the height of the building increases. Gravity loads on buildings can be...


Design of Bridge Pier and Pier Cap

Bridge pier caps are horizontal structural members used for transferring bridge deck loads to the piers, before they are transferred to the foundation. They...

Recommended Depth of Exploration for Site Investigation

Soil is a complex and highly variable product of nature, and the extent of this variation is known in advance. As a result, site...

The 2018 Earthquake Induced Flow-Slide in Jono Oge Sulawesi, Indonesia

On September 28, 2018, a large earthquake of magnitude (Mw) 7.5 struck Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. A major cause of large fatalities from this event...

Design of Doubly-Reinforced Beams According to EC2 | Worked Example

In the design of reinforced concrete beams, if the design ultimate moment is greater than the ultimate moment of resistance i.e. MEd > MRd,...

Bentley Systems Announces Winners of ‘Year in Infrastructure 2020’ Awards

Bentley Systems Incorporated has announced the winners of the Year in Infrastructure 2020 Awards. The annual awards program honors the extraordinary work of Bentley users advancing...

Design of Roof Purlins

  (Image Copyright belongs to Albion Sections Limited, UK) Roof purlin are members used to directly support roof sheeting materials, and could be made of timber...


The characteristic compressive strength of concrete to be used in construction is usually specified in the working drawings, design calculation sheets, and contract documents....
A lintel is a secondary structural member used to support a wall spanning above an opening in a masonry wall. They are usually categorised...





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