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Design of Reinforced Concrete (R.C.) Staircase | Eurocode 2

In multi-storey buildings, ramps, elevators, escalators, and stairs are often used to facilitate vertical circulation. Circulation refers to the movement of people and goods...

Practical Analysis and Design of Steel Roof Trusses

The most widespread alternative for roof construction in Nigeria is the use of trusses, of which timber and steel are the primary choices of...

The Truth About Hidden Beams | Concealed Beams

The internet space (mostly blogs) is filled with so much information about hidden beams (also called concealed beams) which is defined as a beam...

Load Combinations for Highway Bridges

Highway bridges are subjected to a myriad of direct and indirect forces. For the purpose of obtaining the action effects on bridges, bridge designers...

Free MATLAB Code for Flexural Design of R.C. Sections According to EC2

In this post, I am going to present an extremely simplified MATLAB code for carrying out flexural design of reinforced concrete beams (rectangular or...

Elastic Analysis of Circular Plates

A plate is a flat structural element that has a thickness that is small compared with the lateral dimensions. Plates are bounded by two...

Analysis of Industrial Gable Frames

1.0 Introduction Industrialization is one of the major keys to development and sustainable economy. Industrial structures are usually very easy to identify because of their...

Construction Commences on the World’s Longest Underwater Tunnel

The construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel has officially begun. The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel that will connect Denmark and Germany, is scheduled to be officially opened...


Structural Design of Corbels

A corbel is a very short structural cantilever member projecting from a wall or a column for the purpose of carrying loads. In reinforced...

Analysis and Design of V-Shaped Beams

Beams that have V-shapes (in the plan view) are commonly found in the corners of residential and commercial buildings. According to Hassoun and Al-Manaseer...



Analysis and Design of Box Culvert Using Staad Pro

In our last post, we were able to establish how we can load box culverts properly. If you missed the post, kindly follow the...

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Optimized Design of Passenger Aerial Ropeway Support Structures

The use of passenger ropeways (cable car) is a viable alternative for public transportation in urban areas with challenging topography. Aerial ropeway transportation is...


Question of the day | 23-01-2021

For the structure loaded as shown above, answer the following questions given below. Note that the use of calculators is discouraged. The aim of...

Design of Slurry Cut-Off Walls | Slurry Trenches

Slurry cut-off walls or slurry trenches are excavations that are made under the ground and filled with engineered slurries for the purpose of preventing...

Solved Example on Design of Slender Columns According to EC2

1.0 Introduction Loads from slabs and beams are transferred to the foundations through the columns. In typical cases, columns are usually rectangular or circular in...

Overexcavation and Replacement of Expansive Soils

To reduce soil heave under a foundation or subgrade, expansive soils can be overexcavated and replaced with nonexpansive or treated soils. In this approach,...

On the Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations

Bearing capacity is the maximum load a soil profile can withstand before undergoing excessive deformation and shear failure. It is the most popular and...

Tips for Civil Engineering Job Interviews

Landing a good job soon after graduation is the dream of many young civil engineering students. On the other hand, as a professional engineer...


Materials that are added to a concrete mix aside from the basic ingredients (cement, water, and aggregates) are generally referred to as admixtures. The...
In construction, there always comes a time when there is need to bond hardened concrete (substrate) with fresh concrete topping/overlay. The aim of this...





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