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Deflection of Beams

When loads are applied on beams, they deflect. Deflection of beams is the downward movement a beam makes from its initial unloaded position to...

Analysis of Beams on Elastic Foundation

Introduction When a beam lies on elastic foundation under the action of externally applied loads, the reaction forces of the foundation are proportional at every...

Definition of a Tall Building | High-Rise Building

The term ‘tall building’ is relative to the environment under consideration. A four-storey building located among bungalows in an area will easily be described...

Example on Application of Vereshchagin’s Rule on Analysis of Frames Using Force Method

The frame shown above is supported with rollers at A, C and D, and pinned at point B. It is loaded as shown ,...

Lists of Laboratory Tests on Soils for Foundation Design

By performing laboratory tests on samples collected from trial pits or boreholes, it is possible to measure the physical and mechanical properties of natural soils...

Analysis and design of counterfort retaining walls using Staad Pro

Retaining walls are structures used for supporting earth at different levels. There are different types of retaining walls such as cantilever retaining walls, gravity...

Improvement of Interlayer Mechanical Properties of Mass Concrete

Recent research carried out at the Zhengzhou University of Technology, China has offered more insight into the improvement of interlayer mechanical properties of mass...

Merry Christmas & Season Greetings from all of us at Structville

As we celebrate the awesomeness of this special season, may your life, home, and career be filled with peace, love, joy, laughter, and happiness....


Aspects of Modelling of Shear Walls

Shear walls are structural elements usually employed in tall buildings to assist in resisting lateral loads. Shear walls can be solid or pierced (coupled),...

Buckling Amplification Factor for Portal Frames Sensitive to 2nd Order Effects

In order to evaluate the sensitivity of a portal frame to 2nd order effects, the buckling amplification factor αcr has to be calculated. This calculation...

Design of Pile Foundation

Settlement of Foundations



Design of Pile Foundation System for Bridge Piers

Piles are the most preferred type of foundation for supporting the piers of overhead bridges. They offer greater resistance to vertical and horizontal actions...

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Application of Genetic Algorithm to the Design of Pile Foundations

Machine learning and deep learning techniques have been widely applied in the design of civil engineering structures in recent years. This is mainly due...


Design of Axially Loaded Timber Columns to EC5

Eurocode 5 deals with the limit state design of timber structures. In this post, we are going to present an example on how we...

Question of the day | 18-12-2020

For the structure loaded as shown above;(1) What is the bending moment at point B? (take clockwise moment as negative). (A) -4 kNm (B) -2.25...

Human Factors in Civil Engineering Design and Construction

Human factors or ergonomics is understood to be a body of knowledge that deals with the interaction of human beings with systems and devices...

How to Design Built-up Beams | Welded-Plate Girders

Sometimes, I-beam sections or girders are built up by welding structural steel plates together. This is usually done when the section required is so...

Design of Waffle Slabs

Waffle slabs are reinforced concrete slabs that are normally employed for large-span construction. They can be described as the equivalent of 2-way spanning solid...

Assessment of CBR of Subgrade Soils

In highway engineering, pavements should be constructed on subgrades with a known strength. The subgrade is the foundation or existing soil surface where the...


Concrete is arguably the most widely used construction material in the world. It is produced from a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and water...
In construction, there always comes a time when there is a need to bond hardened concrete (substrate) with fresh concrete topping/overlay. The aim of...





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