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Design and Construction of Steel Staircase | Industrial Staircase

Steel staircase structures are usually considered secondary steelworks. Primary structures comprise the critical elements necessary for the strength and stability of the overall structural...

Question of the Day (01/06/2018)

Structville daily questionsFrom now henceforth, Structville will be publishing daily questions on different aspects of civil engineering. You are expected to enter your response...

How to Calculate the Settlement of Spread Foundation (EC7 Part 2)

In this article, we will discuss an approach described in Annex E of EN 1997-2:2006 (Eurocode 7 Part 2) for determining the elastic settlement...

New Publication Alert: Bridge Design Textbook

We are pleased to announce the release of our publication on the 'Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges'. This publication is part of the proceedings...

Design of Precast Seating Decks for Stadium

One of the most common concepts for the construction of sports stadiums today involves having precast concrete terrace units (seating decks) spanning between raker...

Analysis of Industrial Gable Frames

1.0 Introduction Industrialization is one of the major keys to development and sustainable economy. Industrial structures are usually very easy to identify because of their...

Finite Difference Solution to Flow of Water Through Soils | Flownets

Manual sketching of flownets is an acceptable way of dealing with two-dimensional groundwater water flow and seepage in soils. However, as the geometry gets...

Fire Resistance Design of Steel Columns

At normal temperatures, structural design requires the structure to support the design ultimate loads (the ultimate limit state) while also limiting deformation and vibrations...


Structville Online Professional Training and Webinars

Structville Integrated Services in our commitment to human capacity development, has decided to launch series of online lectures and webinars for civil engineering professionals...

Construction and Cost Comparison of Rectangular and Trapezoidal Drains

Cost is often a major determiner of decision-making on projects. Therefore, for all civil engineering works, it is required to know the probable construction...



Pylons in Cable-Stayed Bridges

In cable-stayed bridges, the main purpose of the pylon is to transfer the forces resulting from anchoring the cable stays to the foundation. As...

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TMT Reinforcements Can Change Design Specifications in Nigeria

Nigeria’s reinforcement market is usually categorised into ‘local’ and ‘foreign’ reinforcements which are priced differently in the market. Local reinforcements are manufactured in the...


Preliminary Plastic Analysis of Portal Frames

Steel portal frames provide economical solution for construction of industrial structures, warehouses, churches or other buildings with large enclosures. The loading scheme on portal...

Design of Retaining Walls

In the design of civil engineering structures, retaining walls are normally used to retain soil (earth materials) and possible hydrostatic pressure, and they are...

Simplified Design of Welded Connection to Eurocode 3

In our previous post, we were able to present an example on the design of fillet welds for truss members using two different approaches....

What is Site Instruction?

A site instruction is a formal written order given by the heads of a project to contractors or sub-contractors on specific projects issues such...

Wheel Load Dispersal on Box Culverts

Typically, anyone who wishes to design box culverts should be very familiar with design loading for bridges. In the UK and European Union, the...

Example on the Analysis of Statically Determinate Frames (Part 2)

If you missed the PART 1 of this post, click HERE Problem 1 A statically determinate frame is loaded as shown above. There are internal hinges...


A corbel is a very short structural cantilever member projecting from a wall or a column for the purpose of carrying loads. In reinforced...
Due to the poor tensile strength of concrete, some degree of cracking in reinforced concrete is inevitable. Contraction joints are designed to create predetermined...





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