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Optimized Design of Passenger Aerial Ropeway Support Structures

The use of passenger ropeways (cable car) is a viable alternative for public transportation in urban areas with challenging topography. Aerial ropeway transportation is...

New Publication Alert: Bridge Design Textbook

We are pleased to announce the release of our publication on the 'Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges'. This publication is part of the proceedings...

Thickness Design of Column Base Plate Using Prokon Software

Last year, I made a submission here on how to carry out the thickness design of column base plates. See post below; Thickness Design of Column...

Loading and Design of Box Culverts to Eurocodes

Introduction A culvert is a drainage structure designed to convey storm water or stream of limited flow across a roadway. Culverts can consist of single...

On Modal Analysis of Rigid Multi-Storey Frames

1.1 Introduction A structure undergoes free vibration when it is brought out of static equilibrium and can then oscillate without any external dynamic excitation. Free...

Compaction Pressure of Machines on Retaining Walls

During the construction of earth retaining structures, it is very common to excavate the area, construct the earth retaining structure, backfill with the recommended...

Structural Design of Cantilever Slabs – Solved Example

Cantilever slabs are common features in buildings due to the need to have bigger spaces at upper floors. To achieve this, architects normally extend...

The West African Standard Compaction Test

The West African Standard (WAS) compaction test is a type of compaction procedure that utilises intermediate compaction energy (compactive effort) for densification of soils....


Difference Between Bridge and Culvert

It is generally said that all culverts are bridges but not all bridges are culverts. Bridges are structures that are designed to span over...

Loading and Design of Box Culverts to Eurocodes

Introduction A culvert is a drainage structure designed to convey storm water or stream of limited flow across a roadway. Culverts can consist of single...



Loads on Footbridges | Actions on Pedestrian Bridges

A footbridge (also called a pedestrian bridge) is a structure that is designed to enable pedestrians to cross over natural or man-made obstacles such...

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The Role of Compression Steel in Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Deflection is one of the most important serviceability limit state criteria in the design of reinforced concrete structures. Excessive deflection in a structure can...


Vanity Walls in Toilets as an Alternative Route for Waste Pipes

For a building to be useful, the structural integrity and building services such as plumbing, electrical fittings, HVAC, etc must be functional and efficient....

Tips for Civil Engineering Job Interviews

Landing a good job soon after graduation is the dream of many young civil engineering students. On the other hand, as a professional engineer...

Design of Timber Beams

Design of flexural members such as timber beams principally involves consideration of the effects of actions such as bending, deflection, vibration, lateral buckling, shear,...

How to Calculate the Number of Blocks Required to Complete a 3 Bedroom Flat

The floor plan of a three bedroom flat is as shown below. It is required to estimate the quantity of 6 inches block (without...

Design Example of Steel Beams According to Eurocode 3

Introduction This post deals with the design of simply supported I-beam section subjected to permanent and variable loads according to Eurocode 3. The design involves...

ProtaStructures Conference/Live Event Coming Up in Nigeria

ProtaSoftware in conjuction with ApeleDesigns invites you to the first ever live event/conference in Nigeria. ProtaStructure is the all-in-one package for multi-material modelling with steel,...


A corbel is a very short structural cantilever member projecting from a wall or a column for the purpose of carrying loads. In reinforced...
If movement (expansion and/or contraction) is restricted within a young concrete element, tensile stresses will develop which will lead to cracking. This restriction to...





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