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Crack Width and Crack Spacing Calculation in Concrete

Cracking occurs in concrete when the restrained strain exceeds the tensile strain capacity of the concrete. In critical elements like water retaining structures, crack...

Definition of a Tall Building | High-Rise Building

The term ‘tall building’ is relative to the environment under consideration. A four-storey building located among bungalows in an area will easily be described...

Simple Proofs Why Shorter Spans Are More Critical in Slab Design

Introduction A slab is a structural member whose depth is considerably smaller than the lateral dimensions. They provide useful surfaces for supporting loads, and may...

Structural Design of Steel Fin Plate Connection

1.0 Introduction The fin plate connection is very popular in the construction industry due to its ease of erection, and the absence of shared bolts...

How to Determine the Depth of Foundation

Foundations are substructure elements that transmit the superstructure load of a structure to the final bearing soil layer/stratum. The depth of a foundation is...

How to Achieve Grade 25 Concrete on Site

The characteristic compressive strength of concrete to be used in construction is usually specified in the working drawings, design calculation sheets, and contract documents....

Structville Design Challenge Results (1st Edition)

On 14th of May, 2018, Structville Integrated Services announced the commencement of Structville Design Challenge for civil engineering students in Nigeria. (If you missed...

Evaluation of Surcharge Pressure of Pad Foundations on Retaining Walls

Surcharge pressure on earth retaining walls can arise from different sources such as loads from adjacent buildings, fills, roadways and traffic actions, construction activities,...


Design of Pile Foundation System for Bridge Piers

Piles are the most preferred type of foundation for supporting the piers of overhead bridges. They offer greater resistance to vertical and horizontal actions...

Analysis and Design of Pedestrian Bridge Using Staad Pro

Pedestrian bridges (footbridges) are structures designed to enable human beings cross over obstacles such as busy highways, water bodies, gullies, etc. There are several...



How to Carry Out Bridge Deck Grillage Analysis Using Staad Pro

1.0 Introduction Grillage analogy presents a sufficiently accurate method of analysing bridge decks for estimation of design bending moment, torsion, shears force etc, and has...

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Understanding Human-Structure Interaction

Recent researches have shown that human beings interact with structural systems undergoing vibration. Initially it was thought that human body is an inert mass...


Introduction to Structville Research

We are excited to announce that we have recently added a unique new page to our blog called 'Structville Research'. You can visit the...

Analysis of Industrial Gable Frames

1.0 Introduction Industrialization is one of the major keys to development and sustainable economy. Industrial structures are usually very easy to identify because of their...

Example on the Analysis of Statically Determinate Frames (Part 2)

If you missed the PART 1 of this post, click HERE Problem 1 A statically determinate frame is loaded as shown above. There are internal hinges...

Building Construction Industry Reacts to Weird Slab Collapse

A lot of engineers and builders from all over the world have reacted to the weird partial collapse of a concrete slab in...

New Textbook: Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Overhead Steel Tank Supports

This book has been written to address an area of structural design which is usually neglected by clients, architects, and home owners. During the...

Tips for Civil Engineering Job Interviews

Landing a good job soon after graduation is the dream of many young civil engineering students. On the other hand, as a professional engineer...


In reinforced concrete buildings, it is almost impossible to carry out construction without lapping reinforcements at one point or another. This is due to...
Underground water retaining structures have wide applications in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. According to Lagos State Development Laws (2005), a building with more...





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