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The Cost of Fencing One Plot of Land in Nigeria

Fencing of landed properties is very common in Nigeria. For residential and commercial buildings in rural, semi-urban, and urban areas in Nigeria, it is...

What is the Correct Position for Column Rebar Laps?

Columns are compression members used for transferring superstructure loads to the foundation. In reinforced concrete detailing and construction, the lapping of reinforcements is almost...

Production of Bioreceptive Concrete

Bioreceptivity is defined as the ability of a material to be colonised by one or more groups of living organisms without necessarily undergoing biodeterioration....

Bending Moment Diagrams for Frames

In the field of structural engineering, understanding the internal forces acting on framed structures is important for the design of such structures. Among these...

Axial Load Distribution of Piles under Eccentric Vertical Load

During the design and construction of pile foundations, there are instances of eccentric loading that may arise because column positions do not align with...

Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete

Some substances in aggregates can react with alkali hydroxides in concrete. It is only when this reactivity causes large expansion in the concrete it...

Design of Moment-Resisting Column Base Plates

In the design of portal frames and other steel structures, moment-resisting bases can be provided if large lateral forces and bending moments are anticipated....

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for Structures

Finite element analysis has become an indispensable tool in structural engineering, enabling complex simulations of real-world scenarios through numerical methods. By discretizing a continuous...


Filter Media in Road Construction: A Solution to Defects Caused by Water Seepage

Have you ever pondered the detrimental effect of water seepage on road pavements? It is common knowledge among engineers that frequent water seepage can...

The Importance of Rigorous Safety Protocols on Construction Sites

Construction sites can be really dangerous and that is why governments have set certain safety protocols that will protect the workers as much as...



Composite Box Girder Bridges

Composite box girders can be an attractive option for medium-span highway bridges. They offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance and speedy construction procedures for bridges....

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Effects of Diesel Contamination on the Engineering Properties of Natural Soils

Soil contamination is a serious problem and major environmental problem worldwide. Oil contamination of soils can occur as a result of oil drilling and...


Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Truss Using Force Method: Solved Example

Introduction Indeterminate trusses are analysed usually analysed using force method or direct stiffness method. In this post, we are going to analyse step by step,...

Design and Calculation of Formwork Requirement of Slabs

Formworks are structures used to support and hold fresh concrete in place in order to obtain the desired shape prior to setting, curing, and...

Scaffold in Building Construction: Uses, Types, Materials, and Design

In construction, scaffolds play an important role as temporary structures facilitating access to elevated work areas and providing safe work platforms. Typically assembled from...

Core Curriculum for Civil Engineering Undergraduate Programs

Civil engineers oversee the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure. Although civil engineering undergraduate programs differ from university to university, some core...

Use of Rice Husk Ash in Concrete: Literature Review

1.0 Introduction A pozzolan is a siliceous or aluminosiliceous material that, in finely divided form and in the presence of moisture, chemically reacts with the...

Geostatic (In-situ) Stresses and At-Rest (K0) Condition in Soils

The stress in the soil mass is affected by the previous loading history. When a new foundation is constructed, the new load can either...


Water retaining structures, from dams to swimming pools and water tanks, demand concrete that adheres to strict performance criteria. Beyond structural integrity, the concrete...
Due to the poor tensile strength of concrete, some degree of cracking in reinforced concrete is inevitable. Contraction joints are designed to create predetermined...





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