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Live Loads (Imposed Loads) on Buildings

Live loads are loads produced from the use and occupancy of a building. They include the loads from human occupancy, furniture, vehicles, anticipated rare...

Basic Information on Fire Protection of Buildings

Fire outbreak is a problem in buildings since it causes loss of human lives, injuries, destruction of properties, and poses serious environmental challenges. Injury and...

Construction Commences on the World’s Longest Underwater Tunnel

The construction of the world’s longest immersed tunnel has officially begun. The Fehmarnbelt Tunnel that will connect Denmark and Germany, is scheduled to be officially opened...

How to Plaster a Block Wall

Plastering is the process of covering a wall surface with a thin layer of mortar for protection and decorative purposes. It is usually the...

Question of the Day | 07-02-2021

For the frame loaded as shown above, which of the following is the likely bending moment due to the externally applied unit load at...

Earth Dams: Types, Construction, and Modes of Failure

Dams are structures that are constructed to impound a water body such as a stream or a river. The upstream (reservoir) of a dam...

Sanitary Landfills

Household wastes are usually dumped in municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs). Landfills are sites that are designed for the dumping and management of municipal...

Autodesk Launches BuildingConnected in Australia and NewZealand

BuildingConnected, a construction tender program owned by Autodesk had been launched in Australia and NewZealand. With this expansion, the BuildingConnected solution is now available...


Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Truss Using Force Method: Solved Example

Introduction Indeterminate trusses are analysed usually analysed using force method or direct stiffness method. In this post, we are going to analyse step by step,...

Free Vibration of Trusses: A solved Example

Dynamics of structures is a special branch of structural analysis, which deals with the behaviour of structures subjected to dynamic loads (loads that vary...



Expansion Joints in Bridges

When two structural elements are designed to move relative to one another, an expansion joint is usually required to seal the gap between the...

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Evaluation of Pykrete in the Design of a Lattice Tower

Pykrete is a material used for temporary buildings in cold climates. It is made of a mixture of water and a number of additives,...


Cracking Due to Edge Restraint and Early Thermal Effects in Concrete

Crack width is calculated by multiplying the crack inducing strain by the crack spacing (i.e. the movement over a length equal to the crack...

Types of Structural Systems for Tall Buildings

For a tall building to be successful, at a minimum, the structure should employ systems and materials appropriate to the building’s height and configuration....

Analysis and Design of V-Shaped Beams

Beams that have V-shapes (in the plan view) are commonly found in the corners of residential and commercial buildings. According to Hassoun and Al-Manaseer...

Elastic Deflection of Cantilever Beams Using Vereschagin’s Rule

Beams deform when loaded. This deformation is the displacement of the beam section from its original position, and it is usually quantified using two...

How to Estimate the Engineering Properties of Fine-Grained Soils

When a soil sample contains a majority of particles (by weight) less than 0.063 mm in size, and stick together when wet, such soil...

ICE Announces Free Online Lecture Series for Members and Public

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), UK, has announced plans to commence free online lectures for members and general public. According to the information...


Columns are vertical structural elements used in transmitting floor load to a lower level or to the substructure. As a result, their stability and...
Concreting or casting days are usually big days for site engineers. It is very typical to see engineers and project managers work very hard...





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