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Analysis of Sub-Frames Using Stiffness Method: A solved Example

Several codes of practice in the world allow us to idealise structures into 2-dimensional frames for the purpose of simplified analysis. For sub-frames, it...

Design for Fensheng 101 Skyscraper Unveiled

The design for the Fensheng 101 Skyscraper has been unveiled by GWP Architects. The project has a total construction area of approximately 81,000 square...

Analysis of Bridge Deck Girders under Load Model 1 (EN 1991-2) Using Staad Pro

Bridges are structures designed to span over obstacles, and as such provide access routes for humans, animals, vehicles, fluid, and other objects as may...

Cracking Due to Edge Restraint and Early Thermal Effects in Concrete

Crack width is calculated by multiplying the crack inducing strain by the crack spacing (i.e. the movement over a length equal to the crack...

Design of Large Span Cantilever Structures

Large span cantilevers are delightful to everyone, but very challenging to engineers during design. This is because the engineer is battling with a lot...

Design of Glass Swimming Pools

The use of swimming pools is increasingly becoming an important part of the urban lifestyle. Apart from the public swimming pools in parks and...

Out-of-Plane Two-Way Bending Analysis of Unreinforced Masonry Walls

Masonry is defined as an assemblage of masonry units (blocks, bricks, etc) laid in a specified pattern and joined together with mortar. They are...

Analysis of Moving Load on Cable-Stayed Bridges Using Staad Pro

Stays can be used to support orthotropic bridge decks which consists of continuous girders. The stays which are inclined cables passing over or pinned...


Analysis and Design of Pedestrian Bridge Using Staad Pro

Pedestrian bridges (footbridges) are structures designed to enable human beings cross over obstacles such as busy highways, water bodies, gullies, etc. There are several...

Analysis of Box Girder Bridges Using Staad Pro

A box girder is formed when two web plates are joined by a common flange at both the top and the bottom. The closed...



Modelling and Analysis of Bridge Pile Cap Using Staad Pro

Bridge pile caps are substructure elements that are used for transferring bridge superstructure load to the pile foundation. Pile caps for bridges are used...

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Understanding Human-Structure Interaction

Recent researches have shown that human beings interact with structural systems undergoing vibration. Initially it was thought that human body is an inert mass...


An Introduction To Isogeometric Analysis (IGA)

1.0 Introduction Isogeometric Analysis (IGA) is a computational approach that integrates Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer Aided Design (CAD). Isogeometric Analysis is developed for...

Structural Stability of a Ten-Storey Braced Steel Frame

Structural stability is broadly defined as the capacity of a structure to recover equilibrium. As a topic in structural engineering, it is concerned with...

Question of the day | 22-03-2021

For the section of a frame cut as shown in the figure above;1. Generate the equation for bending moment along the beam.(A) Mx =...

Structural Design of Cantilever Slabs – Solved Example

Cantilever slabs are common features in buildings due to the need to have bigger spaces at upper floors. To achieve this, architects normally extend...

Deep Learning can be used to Detect Cracks in Fire Damaged Structures

Researchers from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea, have proposed a machine learning technique for detecting surface cracks on fire damaged concrete. Even though...

Free Vibration of Masts

Tall masts are used in a variety of applications such as telecommunication, radio/television broadcasting, supporting lighting fixtures on the highway, raising flags, etc....


Eurocode recognises that cracking is normal in concrete subjected to bending, shear, torsion, and restraint from movement (clause 7.3.1 EN 1992 1-1). Cracking is...
Cement replacement materials (CRM) are materials that can be used for substituting cement in the production of concrete or other cementitious products. For a...





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