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Two Approaches to the Calculation of Deflection in Eurocode 2

The verification of deflection is an important serviceability check in reinforced concrete design. Most designs codes adopt the 'deemed to satisfy' rules which limit...

Chained lintels in a building – What are the implications?

A lintel is a horizontal structural member which spans across the supports of an opening such as a door or window in a building....

Question of the day | 23-01-2021

For the structure loaded as shown above, answer the following questions given below. Note that the use of calculators is discouraged. The aim of...

Design of Moment-Resisting Column Base Plates

In the design of portal frames and other steel structures, moment-resisting bases can be provided if large lateral forces and bending moments are anticipated....

Analysis of Industrial Gable Frames

1.0 Introduction Industrialization is one of the major keys to development and sustainable economy. Industrial structures are usually very easy to identify because of their...

Aspects of Modelling of Shear Walls

Shear walls are structural elements usually employed in tall buildings to assist in resisting lateral loads. Shear walls can be solid or pierced (coupled),...

Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Frames using Force and Displacement Methods

Structural analysis is an important aspect of any structural design. It is simply the process of determining the effect of direct and indirect actions...

Design of Axially Loaded Timber Columns to EC5

Eurocode 5 deals with the limit state design of timber structures. In this post, we are going to present an example on how we...


Dynamics of Footbridges | Vibration and Serviceability

Footbridges are susceptible to traffic-induced vibration due to their typical slender nature. Therefore, the serviceability level of pedestrian bridges is influenced by the deformations...

Analysis and Design of Pedestrian Bridge Using Staad Pro

Pedestrian bridges (footbridges) are structures designed to enable human beings cross over obstacles such as busy highways, water bodies, gullies, etc. There are several...



Modelling and Analysis of Bridge Pile Cap Using Staad Pro

Bridge pile caps are substructure elements that are used for transferring bridge superstructure load to the pile foundation. Pile caps for bridges are used...

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The Role of Compression Steel in Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Deflection is one of the most important serviceability limit state criteria in the design of reinforced concrete structures. Excessive deflection in a structure can...


How to Distribute HB Live Load to Bridge Girders

In the UK, HB loads are used to represent abnormal traffic on a bridge deck. Even though the use of HA and HB loads...

Propriety of Bending Schedules for Construction Purposes

Structural engineers usually issue bar bending schedule to clients/contractors after completing the design and detailing of a reinforced concrete structure. Bar bending schedules usually...

Evaluation of effects of temperature difference in storage tanks using Staad Pro

In some factories and industries, tanks are used for the storage of hot liquids which are used in production. In such scenarios, the temperature...

Structural Design of Steel Fin Plate Connection

1.0 Introduction The fin plate connection is very popular in the construction industry due to its ease of erection, and the absence of shared bolts...

Design of Reinforced Concrete (R.C.) Staircase | Eurocode 2

In multi-storey buildings, ramps, elevators, escalators, and stairs are often used to facilitate vertical circulation. Circulation refers to the movement of people and goods...

Analysis and Design of Pedestrian Bridge Using Staad Pro

Pedestrian bridges (footbridges) are structures designed to enable human beings cross over obstacles such as busy highways, water bodies, gullies, etc. There are several...


Generically, cement is an inorganic fine powder that when mixed with water undergoes hydration reaction, and forms a paste which becomes the binder that...
Checking for deflection is an important serviceability limit state (SLS) requirement in the design of structures. This check ensures that the structure does not...





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