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Application of Genetic Algorithm to the Design of Pile Foundations

Machine learning and deep learning techniques have been widely applied in the design of civil engineering structures in recent years. This is mainly due...

Functions and Types of Bearings for Contemporary Bridges

Bearings are ancillary bridge components that facilitate the transfer of traffic actions, permanent actions, and other environmental actions from the bridge deck down to...

Cement and Types of Cement Used in Construction

Generically, cement is an inorganic fine powder that when mixed with water undergoes hydration reaction, and forms a paste which becomes the binder that...

High Rise Timber Building to be Constructed in Tokyo

Mitsui Fudosan and Takenaka Corporation has commenced plans to develop a 70 metres high timber building in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district. The 17 storey building when...

Structville Announces Webinar on Design of Box Culverts – 6th June, 2020

In our core commitment to provide a flexible platform for learning, improvement, and disseminating civil engineering knowledge, we are delighted to announce that we...

Design of Composite Slab with Profile Metal Deck

Composite slab with profiled metal decking provides economical solutions for floors of steel framed building systems. This is because they are easier to install,...

Shear Transfer at the Interface of Reinforced Concrete Members

The efficacy of shear transfer at concrete-to-concrete interfaces is very paramount to the structural integrity of numerous reinforced concrete constructions. This is very important...

Geotechnical Investigation for Offshore Platforms Design

Fixed offshore platforms are used by the petroleum industry for a variety of operations, including drilling, production, housing, and storage. These constructions are situated...


Types of Floor Systems for Steel Framed Buildings

Floors in buildings have a primary function of carrying loads and supporting the activities of the occupants. In addition to carrying loads, floors in...

Aspects of Modelling of Shear Walls

Shear walls are structural elements usually employed in tall buildings to assist in resisting lateral loads. Shear walls can be solid or pierced (coupled),...



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Corrosion of Buried Mild Steel Corrugated Sheets

A high moisture content, good aeration, a high level of acidity, and a considerable number of soluble salts,  can make a soil become corrosive. Metal alloys may undergo...


Structville Design Competition for Students (Prizes to be won)

Structville Integrated Services is calling on civil engineering students in various universities and polytechnics in Nigeria to participate in her first structural design competition....

Some Problems with Groundwater Lowering

Groundwater lowering operations may have an impact on water levels in a large area, even some distance away from the actual construction site. Although...

Design of Combined Footings

A combined footing is a type of shallow foundation where a common base is provided for two closely spaced columns. When a common base...

Causes of Deterioration of Used Concrete Sewer Pipes

Concrete is the building material that is most usually used for sewer systems because of its favorable structural qualities, capacity for prefabrication, and freedom...

Question of the day | 22-03-2021

For the section of a frame cut as shown in the figure above;1. Generate the equation for bending moment along the beam.(A) Mx =...

Use of Rice Husk Ash in Concrete: Literature Review

1.0 Introduction A pozzolan is a siliceous or aluminosiliceous material that, in finely divided form and in the presence of moisture, chemically reacts with the...


Composite sections of concrete and steel have a lot of advantages, especially in the structural performance and fire resistance of a building. For columns...
Self-compacting concrete (SCC) is a special type of concrete that has the ability to consolidate under gravity, fill up all required spaces, and produce...





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