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Construction of Precast Filigran Slab at a Glance

Introduction to filigran slab system Filigran slab is a universal system of reinforced concrete slab, that is used all over the world. This is due...

How to Determine the Bearing Capacity of Soils from Plate Load Test

The plate load test or 'plate bearing test' is one of the quickest ways of determining the bearing capacity and settlement characteristics of soils...

Optimized Design of Passenger Aerial Ropeway Support Structures

The use of passenger ropeways (cable car) is a viable alternative for public transportation in urban areas with challenging topography. Aerial ropeway transportation is...

Modelling and Analysis of Bridge Pile Cap Using Staad Pro

Bridge pile caps are substructure elements that are used for transferring bridge superstructure load to the pile foundation. Pile caps for bridges are used...

Design of Bridge Pier and Pier Cap

Bridge pier caps are horizontal structural members used for transferring bridge deck loads to the piers, before they are transferred to the foundation. They...

Structural Analysis of Free-Standing Staircase

Free-standing staircases offer a very pleasing solution for vertical circulation in residential and commercial buildings. They are usually constructed in such a way that...

Which Engineering Judgement Informed this Decision?

Looking at the image above, it can be seen that the contractor lapped and cranked the column reinforcement to an entirely new position. In...

BIM can Assist Construction Robots in Object Recognition

The construction industry remains one of the least automated industries which depend on manual human labour for maximum productivity. The role of robots in...


Elastic Analysis of Circular Plates

A plate is a flat structural element that has a thickness that is small compared with the lateral dimensions. Plates are bounded by two...

Temperature Actions on Bridge Decks | Thermal Loads on Bridges

The temperature of a bridge structure and its surroundings varies daily and seasonally, affecting the overall movement of the bridge deck as well as...



Analysis of Vehicle Collision on Bridge Piers

EN 1991-1-7 discussed and gave guidance on accidental actions and their applications in the design calculations for bridge structures. It is obvious that there...

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Aerodynamics of High-Rise Buildings

To improve the safety and serviceability of super-tall buildings in strong winds, aerodynamic optimization of building shapes is considered to be the most efficient...


Analysis of Beams on Elastic Foundation

Introduction When a beam lies on elastic foundation under the action of externally applied loads, the reaction forces of the foundation are proportional at every...

Water Pressure, Piping, and Flow Nets in Cofferdams

The effect of water pressures on the soils at the formation level can have a negative impact on a cofferdam's stability to the point...

Analysis of Moving Load on Bridges Using Staad Pro

Every code of practice for bridge design has provision for modelling of traffic action as moving loads. This is similar to the idea of...

Modal Analysis of Rigid Multi-Storey Frames

A structure undergoes free vibration when it is brought out of static equilibrium and can then oscillate without any external dynamic excitation. Free vibration...

Question of the Day | 20-12-2020

For the frame loaded as shown above, which of the following is the most likely bending moment diagram due to the externally applied load?

Cement Standards and Applications in Nigeria

Cement is one of the most popular construction materials in Nigeria, and has been extensively utilised in civil engineering works such as building construction,...


Except where they join other structures, concrete pavements and industrial floors should ideally be free of joints. However, joints in concrete pavements are usually...
Cracking occurs in concrete when the restrained strain exceeds the tensile strain capacity of the concrete. In critical elements like water retaining structures, crack...





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