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Crack Width and Crack Spacing Calculation in Concrete

Cracking occurs in concrete when the restrained strain exceeds the tensile strain capacity of the concrete. In critical elements like water retaining structures, crack...

Bar Bending Schedule: Preparation, Applications, and Standards

On a construction site, there are different quality control/quality assurance systems to ensure the efficient delivery of a project. One of these is the...

Static Analysis of Suspension Bridges: A solved Example

Cables are made from high-strength steel wires that are twisted together.  They offer a flexible structural system, which can resist loads only by axial...

Application of Courbon’s Theory in the Analysis of T-Beam Bridge Decks

Courbon’s theory is one of the popular classical methods of analysing slab and beam girder (T-beam) bridges. However, the results obtained from the method...

ASDIP Announces the Release of STEEL-5 Software

ASDIP Structural Engineering Software company has announced the release of STEEL-5, the latest version of ASDIP STEEL software module. The Florida, USA, based structural...

Design of Pile Foundation

Deep foundations are employed when the soil stratum beneath the structure is not capable of supporting the load with a tolerable settlement or adequate...
Crushed waste glass

Partial Replacement of Sand with Waste Glass in Concrete Production

Glass is a transparent or translucent material that is used in the production of materials like sheet glass and container glass. It is manufactured...

How to Achieve Grade 25 Concrete on Site

The characteristic compressive strength of concrete to be used in construction is usually specified in the working drawings, design calculation sheets, and contract documents....


Imperfection Analysis of Structures With Solved Examples

1.0 Introduction Imperfection in structures can be described as deviations and inconsistencies in structures and structural members, which can affect the behaviour of the structure...

Preliminary Plastic Analysis of Portal Frames

Steel portal frames provide economical solution for construction of industrial structures, warehouses, churches or other buildings with large enclosures. The loading scheme on portal...



Analysis of Moving Load on Bridges Using Staad Pro

Every code of practice for bridge design has provision for modelling of traffic action as moving loads. This is similar to the idea of...

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Deep Learning can be used to Detect Cracks in Fire Damaged Structures

Researchers from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea, have proposed a machine learning technique for detecting surface cracks on fire damaged concrete. Even though...


Modelling and Analysis of Bridge Pile Cap Using Staad Pro

Bridge pile caps are substructure elements that are used for transferring bridge superstructure load to the pile foundation. Pile caps for bridges are used...

Hemp and Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Hemp and Recycled Aggregates Concrete (HRAC) is a sustainable concrete where coarse aggregates are partially replaced with industrial hemp fibers and recycled concrete aggregates...

Cost Comparison of Solid and Ribbed Slabs

Cost is a major controlling factor in civil engineering construction projects. Different types of floor systems are adopted in reinforced concrete slab designs such...

Analysis and Design of Curved Circular Beams in a Reservoir

Beams that are curved in plan are often found in buildings, circular reservoirs, bridges, and other structures with curves. Curved beams always develop torsion...

Structural Design of Pile Caps Using Strut and Tie Model (EC 2)

Pile caps are concrete mats that rests on piles with adequate rigidity to transfer the column loads to the piles. Piles are provided as...

New Insights on the Failure of Fukae Bridge (Kobe 1995)

Researchers from the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland have offered new insights on the failure of Fukae Bridge during...


A structural engineer posted a picture of a large cantilever slab construction on LinkedIn, and so many reactions have followed the picture due to...
A corbel is a very short structural cantilever member projecting from a wall or a column for the purpose of carrying loads. In reinforced...





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