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Structville Question of the Day (Thursday, 24/05/2018)

Structville daily questionsFrom now henceforth, Structville will be publishing daily questions on different aspects of civil engineering. You are expected to enter your response...

Problems of Civil Engineering Consultancy in Nigeria

The wealth creation cycle in construction industry revolves around the political climate, economy, government policies, availability of resources, technology, and skilled manpower. Thousands of...

Worked Example | Analysis and Design of Steel Sheet Pile Wall (EN 1997-1)

This article contains a solved example on the analysis and design of steel sheet pile wall in accordance with BS EN1997-1:2004 - Code of...

Flexural Buckling of Columns

When structural members are subjected to compressive forces, the members may fail before the compressive resistance (A.fy) is reached. This premature failure is usually...

Concealing of PVC pipes in RC Columns

In modern building construction, PVC pipes (plumbing works) on the surface of buildings is not always very desirable. In a country like Nigeria, PVC...

Effects of Temperature Difference on Cylindrical Tanks

In our last post, we were able to evaluate the effect of temperature difference on rectangular tanks. In this article, we are going to...

Top Civil Engineering Consultancy Firms in Nigeria

The construction industry in Nigeria remains a very promising area for the present and for the future. Infrastructure and housing deficit in Nigeria has...

Precise Moment Distribution Analysis of Non-sway Frames

Precise moment distribution is a variation of moment distribution method which aims to shorten the time spent carrying out the normal moment distribution method....


Analysis of Vehicle Collision on Bridge Piers

EN 1991-1-7 discussed and gave guidance on accidental actions and their applications in the design calculations for bridge structures. It is obvious that there...

Difference Between Bridge and Culvert

It is generally said that all culverts are bridges but not all bridges are culverts. Bridges are structures that are designed to span over...



Loading and Design of Box Culverts to Eurocodes

Introduction A culvert is a drainage structure designed to convey storm water or stream of limited flow across a roadway. Culverts can consist of single...

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Cement Standards and Applications in Nigeria

Cement is one of the most popular construction materials in Nigeria, and has been extensively utilised in civil engineering works such as building construction,...

Application of Wind Load to Shear Walls – A Manual Approach

The higher a building a goes, the higher the effects of lateral forces such as wind on the structure become. Shear walls are...

99.99% of people will be clueless about this puzzle….

The values given for the following triangles were obtained using a consistent relationship. I really do not expect a lot of people to be...

Types of Floor Systems for Steel Framed Buildings

Floors in buildings have a primary function of carrying loads and supporting the activities of the occupants. In addition to carrying loads, floors in...

Difference Between Pile Load Test and Pile Integrity Test

Pile foundations are slender structures used to transmit superstructure load to firmer sub-soil stratum beneath the natural ground surface. They can also be used...

Autodesk Launches BuildingConnected in Australia and NewZealand

BuildingConnected, a construction tender program owned by Autodesk had been launched in Australia and NewZealand. With this expansion, the BuildingConnected solution is now available...


The most basic test done on concrete is the compressive strength test. Sometimes, other properties of concrete such as tensile strength, modulus of elasticity,...
Autogenous shrinkage is caused by self-dessication in young concrete as water is consumed during hydration reaction. This occurs majorly within the early days of...





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