Construction Measurement Criteria: Understanding the Benefits of Site Inspection

The measurement of works is an essential step of every Civil Construction project. Undoubtedly, for construction to be carried out successfully and safely, it is necessary to follow some criteria for measuring work. However, to bring benefits, the measurement of work must be done correctly.

There are many doubts about how this measurement is made, mainly because there is no standard to be followed, and it may depend on the company or agency. However, in order for the measurement criteria for works to be defined correctly without any calculation errors, it is necessary to be careful when performing this task.

Check out the following article presented by Sky Marketing and see what are the benefits of carrying out the inspection of works in civil construction.

What is Construction Inspection?

Inspection is certainly a fundamental task in the execution of projects in the field of Civil Construction. However, it is necessary to have defined criteria for measuring work. In this way, it is possible to carry out the management of works and, thus, avoid errors that could compromise the execution of the project. Construction inspection is a significant feature of Blue World City.

However, for the inspection to be carried out effectively and safely, it is necessary to follow some essential steps. In addition, the inspection of works must be carried out by a professional qualified to perform this task.

It is important to point out that, despite the need to follow these steps, there is no defined standard for measuring work. This means that the criteria must suit the needs of each project.

Importance of Construction Inspection

As previously mentioned, the inspection of works in Civil Construction is a job that, if done correctly, can bring many benefits to professionals. Check some important points below when carrying out the inspection of works.

Increase Workplace Safety

When carrying out the inspection of works, it is necessary for the professional in charge of this task to observe all aspects present at the construction site, especially due to the possibility that certain situations may pose risks to the team responsible for the project.

It is also essential that, during the inspection, the organization and conditions of the construction site are observed. A thorough inspection of the site will ensure that staff is working safely.

This inspection will also ensure that the team is complying with the necessary standards and using personal protective equipment (PPE).

Identify Risks

Certainly, any project in progress is subject to unforeseen events; however, it is extremely important to identify the risks, thus preventing the progress of the work from being compromised.

Considering that Civil Construction is one of the sectors that most causes accidents at work, it is necessary to pay attention to the risks to which the team will be exposed. This is a criterion that, when followed, can also avoid unnecessary expenses, especially since the risks will be identified early.

Increase Productivity

The inspection of works has a direct connection with productivity in the execution of projects. This is because, during the inspection, the professional responsible for this activity must analyze possible problems that may have a negative impact on the productivity of the team.

By observing the organization of the construction site, for example, it is possible to better visualize and monitor the progress of the work. In addition, it is also possible to make changes to the pace of production if necessary.

Monitor the Progress of the Work

Maintaining an inspection routine can make it possible to identify in advance aspects such as a drop in productivity or other factors that could compromise the progress of the work and, consequently, compromise the established deadlines.

By regularly analyzing the progress of the work, it is possible to think of mechanisms to solve failures or delays. 

Constructive Quality

Inspections can bring many benefits to projects, especially when done frequently. Following a work progress control routine allows the professional to observe the team’s performance and the quality of the service to be provided. When deficient construction is observed, the supervisor can issue site instructions for remedial works.

Maintaining quality can avoid customer complaints and, thus, more profit for the company responsible for the work.

Progress Documentation

Of course, documenting the activities that are carried out also fulfils the function of monitoring the progress of the work. With this, the person responsible for the inspection can find information more easily.

In addition, the documentation can make it possible to renegotiate deadlines with customers in case there is any unforeseen event that compromises the work schedule.

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Steps for an Efficient Construction Inspection

The inspection of works in the area of ​​Civil Construction can bring several benefits to the company responsible for the project. However, to be carried out effectively, it is necessary to follow some important steps. Below are the main steps to carry out an efficient site inspection.

Plan the Inspection

The inspection can be carried out on a scheduled or random basis; however, if the person in charge chooses a scheduled inspection, care must be taken with the planning.

In addition, the person responsible for this function must list all the aspects that must be analyzed in work, thus preventing any important factor from going unnoticed.

Collect the Data

Data collection should be carried out at all points of construction. For this, it is necessary for the person responsible for the inspection to document the information using the appropriate tools and to carry out the records in a practical way.

Evaluate the Results

The previous task is of extreme importance for the evaluation of the results to be carried out, mainly because the data collection allows the visualization of the obtained results. With this, it is possible to compare these results with the initially planned project.

This step prevents results from deviating from what had been agreed upon when signing the contract.

Propose Corrective Actions

In order to propose corrective actions, it is indispensable that the results are all raised, thus allowing us to visualize all the problems found in work. In this way, it is possible to think of strategies to solve problems quickly and effectively, avoiding greater risks.

Inspection is a Fundamental Tool in Civil Construction

As seen in the article above, carrying out the inspection of projects in Civil Construction, following criteria for measuring works, is an extremely important task. With it, it is possible to identify risks and/or problems that could compromise the progress of the project.

To ensure that the process is done in a more elaborate way, the professional in charge of this function can make use of specific tools for the Civil Construction area.


  1. In your post, you mentioned all the necessary points for conducting an audit, and I absolutely agree with you. I would like to emphasize that the documentation of inspections should be done in digital format, since paper documents are easily damaged or lost, slowly distributed and do not have a single place to be stored


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