Structural Design of Swimming Pools and Underground Water Tanks

I spent a large part of the last few months developing the contents of this booklet on ‘Structural Design of Underground Water Tanks and Swimming Pools’ (According to the Eurocodes). Water is necessary for survival of mankind, but in one way or another, water is relatively scarce. We all know that rain does not fall continuously, and for water to be available for usage in homes, it will have to be fetched/pumped from the stream, or harvested during rainfall, or dug up from the ground. As a result, survival instincts made man to create different means of storing water in order to face the periods of scarcity.

One of the alternatives of storing water is the use of reinforced concrete structures which may be buried under the ground, supported on the ground surface, or elevated above the ground surface. Civil engineers have been at the forefront of designing these infrastructures in order to meet accepted performance criteria. One of the profound requirements of water tanks is water tightness, which can be related to the serviceability limit state requirement of cracking, amongst other factors.
The publication highlighted above focuses on the use of reinforced concrete for construction of underground water tanks and swimming pools. All the factors usually considered in the design of underground water retaining structures such as geotechnical analysis, modelling, loading, structural analysis, and structural design were all presented in an objective manner to the reader. Also, the use of Staad Pro Software was explored in detail on how it can be used to model and analyse tanks and swimming pools.
I am going to use the screenshots below to show you some of the contents, with hope that you will find it interesting. The images are arranged in no specific order.
I also paid serious attention to how water tightness can achieved on site through careful and standard construction practices. In addition to this 167 pages booklet, I also developed excel spreadsheets that can help make calculation of crackwidths faster, and Staad Pro video tutorials, peradventure you want to master the use of the software. Kindly see screenshot below;
For this reason, there are three different packages that can be purchased to match different levels of interest in the content.
(1) 167 pages booklet on Structural Analysis of Swimming Pools and Underground Water Tanks (in PDF)
(1) 167 pages booklet on Structural Analysis of Swimming Pools and Underground Water Tanks (in PDF)
(2) Staad Pro Video Tutorial on Modelling and Analysis of Underground Water Tanks
(1) 167 pages booklet on Structural Analysis of Swimming Pools and Underground Water Tanks (in PDF)
(2) Staad Pro Video Tutorial on Modelling and Analysis of Underground Water Tanks
(3) MS Excel Spreadsheet for design of slabs, and calculation of crackwidths
All purchases will be delivered via mail within 24 hours of purchase.

To purchase any of the packages, click HERE

Thank you, and God bless you.
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