Question of the day | 23-01-2021

For the structure loaded as shown above, answer the following questions given below. Note that the use of calculators is discouraged. The aim of this question is to improve our ability to predict the expected behaviour of a structure by just glancing at them. Good luck to you.

[1] What is the maximum bending moment in member DE?
(A) 0.5 kNm
(B) 1.0 kNm
(C) 2.0 kNm
(D) 4.0 kNm

[2] What is the value of the shear force at point G, just to the right?
(A) -1.5 kN
(B) +3 kN
(C) -3 kN
(D) +1.5 kNm

[3] What is the value of the bending moment at point C, just to the right?
(A) -3 kNm
(B) 1.5 kNm
(C) +3 kNm
(D) -1 kNm

[4] What is the value of the bending moment, at point F?
(A) -1 kNm
(B) -2 kNm
(c) -3 kNm
(D) -4 kNm


  1. 1) A) 0.5 kNm
    2) B) 3kN, sign convention is actually quite irrelevant in this case. An experience structural wouldn’t care as shear doesnt’ care either.
    3) C) 3kNm but unless inputting into some automated system an experienced structural engineer would know where the T/C was and act accordingly.
    4) A) 1kNm


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