List of Civil Engineering Journals Published by Elsevier

Elsevier is undoubtedly one of the most renowned publishers of scientific and educational materials in the world. By offering the publication of textbooks, journals, and other services, they help advance research, information, and knowledge across several disciplines. According to their official website, the goal of Elsevier is to expand the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of humanity.


If you have come up with a quality research article in Civil Engineering, you may want to consider publishing it with Elsevier since most articles published by Elsevier are usually rated very high in the world. Furthermore, most of their journals support open access and closed access. For closed access (standard subscription journals), your research article will be published free of charge by the journal, but access will be restricted to those who subscribe to the journal or those who are willing to purchase it. If you choose to publish it as open access (freely accessible to anyone), then you may have to pay for the publication.

In the list below, we are going to show different journals published by Elsevier that covers civil engineering topics or other related disciplines;

(1) Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science
Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science (JOES) provides a medium for the publication of original research and latest development work in the field of ocean science and technology.

(2) Structures
Structures aims to publish internationally-leading research across the full breadth of structural engineering. Papers for Structures are particularly welcome in which high-quality research will benefit from wide readership of academics and practitioners such that not only high citation rates but also tangible industrial-related pathways to impact are achieved.


(3) Case Studies in Construction Materials
Case Studies in Construction Materials provides a forum for the rapid publication of short, structured Case Studies on construction materials and related Short Communications, specialising in actual case studies involving real construction projects.

(4) Water Resources and Industry
Water Resources and Industry is one of a series of specialist titles launched by the highly-regarded Water Research. This journal moves research to innovation by focusing on the role industry plays in the exploitation, management and treatment of water resources.

(5) Sustainable Cities and Societies
Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS) is an international journal focusing on fundamental and applied research aimed at designing, understanding, and promoting environmentally sustainable and socially resilient cities.

(6) Water Science and Engineering
Water Science and Engineering journal is an international, peer-reviewed research publication covering new concepts, theories, methods, and techniques related to water issues.

(7) International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences
This journal is concerned with original research, new developments, site measurements and case studies in rock mechanics and rock engineering. It provides an international forum for the publication of high quality papers on the subject of rock mechanics and the application of rock mechanics principles and techniques to mining and civil engineering projects built on or in rock masses.

(8) Cement and Concrete Composites
This journal is designed to reflect current developments and advances being made in the general field of cement-concrete composites technology and in the production, use, and performance of cement-based construction materials.

(9) Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements
This journal is specifically dedicated to the dissemination of the latest developments of new engineering analysis techniques using boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods.

(10) Marine Structures
This journal aims to provide a medium for presentation and discussion of the latest developments in research, design, fabrication and in-service experience relating to marine structures, i.e., all structures of steelconcretelight alloy or composite construction having an interface with the sea, including ships, fixed and mobile offshore platforms, submarine and submersiblespipelinessubsea systems for shallow and deep ocean operations and coastal structures such as piers.

(11) Construction and Building Materials
Construction and Building Materials provides an international forum for the dissemination of innovative and original research and development in the field of construction and building materials and their application in new works and repair practice. The journal publishes a wide range of innovative research and application papers which describe laboratory and to a limited extent numerical investigations or report on full scale projects.

construction and building materials

(12) Finite Elements in Analysis and Design
The aim of this journal is to provide ideas and information involving the use of the finite element method and its variants, both in scientific inquiry and in professional practice. The scope is intentionally broad, encompassing use of the finite element method in engineering as well as the pure and applied sciences.

(13) Thin-walled Structures
Thin-walled structures comprises an important and growing proportion of engineering construction with areas of application becoming increasingly diverse, ranging from aircraftbridgesships, and oil rigs to storage vessels, industrial buildings and warehouses. The primary criterion for consideration of papers in Thin–Walled Structures is that they must be concerned with thin–walled structures or the basic problems inherent in thin-walled structures. Provided this criterion is satisfied no restriction is placed on the type of construction, material or field of application.

(14) Journal of Constructional Steel Research
The Journal of Constructional Steel Research provides an international forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in structural steel research and their applications. It is aimed not only at researchers but also at those likely to be most affected by research results, i.e. designers and fabricators.

(15) Engineering Structures
Engineering Structures provides a forum for a broad blend of scientific and technical papers to reflect the evolving needs of the structural engineering and structural mechanics communities. Particularly welcome are contributions dealing with new developments or innovative applications of structural and mechanics principles and digital technologies for the analysis and design of engineering structures.

(16) Building and Environment
Building and Environment is an international journal that publishes original research papers and review articles related to building science, urban physics, and human interaction with the indoor and outdoor built environment.

(17) Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
The objective of the journal is to provide a means for the publication and interchange of information, on an international basis, on all those aspects of wind engineering that are included in the activities of the International Association for Wind Engineering These are; social and economic impact of wind effects; wind characteristics and structure, local wind environments, wind loads and structural response, diffusion, pollutant dispersion and matter transport, wind effects on building heat loss and ventilation, wind effects on transport systems, aerodynamic aspects of wind energy generation, and codification of wind effects.

(18) Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering was founded over three decades ago, providing a platform for the publication of papers in advanced mathematical modeling and numerical solutions reflecting a combination of concepts, methods and principles that are often interdisciplinary in nature and span several areas of mechanics, mathematics, computer science and other scientific disciplines as well.

(19) Computers and Structures
Computers & Structures publishes advances in the development and use of computational methods for the solution of problems in engineering and the sciences. The range of appropriate contributions is wide, and includes papers on establishing appropriate mathematical models and their numerical solution in all areas of mechanics.

(20) Cement and Concrete Research
The aim of Cement and Concrete Research is to publish the best research on the materials science and engineering of cement, cement composites, mortars, concrete and other allied materials that incorporate cement or other mineral binders. In doing so, the journal will focus on reporting major results of research on the properties and performance of cementitious materials; novel experimental techniques; the latest analytical and modelling methods; the examination and the diagnosis of real cement and concrete structures; and the potential for improved materials.

cement and concrete research

(21) International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics
The International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics provides a specific medium for dissemination of high-quality research results in the various areas of theoretical, applied, and experimental mechanics of solidsfluidsstructures, and systems where the phenomena are inherently non-linear.

(22) Tunneling and Underground Space Technology
Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology incorporating Trenchless Technology Research is an international journal which publishes authoritative articles encompassing original research and case studies on the development of tunnelling technology, the use of underground space and trenchless technology.

(23) Journal of Terramechanics
The Journal of Terramechanics provides a forum for those involved in research, development, design, innovation, testing, application and utilization of off-road vehicles and soil working machinery, and their sub-systems and components. The Journal presents a cross-section of technical papers, reviews, comments and discussions, and serves as a medium for recording recent progress in the field.

(24) Transportation Geotechnics
Transportation Geotechnics aims to publish high quality, theoretical and applied papers on all aspects of geotechnics for roads, highways, railways and underground railways, airfields and waterways.

(25) Automation in Construction
Automation in Construction is an international journal for the publication of original research papers. The journal publishes refereed material on all aspects pertaining to the use of Information Technologies in DesignEngineeringConstruction Technologies, and Maintenance and Management of Constructed Facilities.

(26) Geotextiles and geomembranes
Geotextiles and Geomembranes fills this need and provides a forum for the dissemination of information amongst research workers, designers, users and manufacturers of geotextiles and geomembranes. By providing a growing fund of information the journal increases general awareness, prompts further research and assists in the establishment of international codes and regulations.

(27) Soils and Foundations
Soils and Foundations is one of the leading journals in the field of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. It is the official journal of the Japanese Geotechnical Society (JGS)., The journal publishes a variety of original research paper, technical reports, technical notes, as well as the state-of-the-art reports upon invitation by the Editor, in the fields of soil and rock mechanics, geotechnical engineering, and environmental geotechnics.

soils and foundation

(28) Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering
The journal aims to encourage and enhance the role of mechanics and other disciplines as they relate to earthquake engineering by providing opportunities for the publication of the work of applied mathematicians, engineers and other applied scientists involved in solving problems closely related to the field of earthquake engineering and geotechnical earthquake engineering.

(29) Advances in Water Resources
Advances in Water Resources provides a forum for the presentation of fundamental scientific advances in the understanding of water resources systems. The scope of Advances in Water Resources includes any combination of theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches used to advance fundamental understanding of surface or subsurface water resources systems or the interaction of these systems with the atmosphere, geosphere, biosphere, and human societies.

(30) Journal of Building Engineering
The Journal of Building Engineering (JOBE) is an interdisciplinary journal that covers all aspects of science and technology concerned with the whole life cycle of the built environment; from the design phase through to construction, operation, performance, maintenance and its deterioration. JOBE only publishes papers where significant scientific novelty is clearly demonstrated.

(31) Computers and Geotechnics
Computers and Geotechnics provides an up-to-date reference for engineers and researchers engaged in computer-aided analysis and research in geotechnical engineering. The journal is intended for expeditious dissemination of advanced computer applications across a broad range of geotechnical topics. Contributions on advances in numerical algorithms, computer implementation of new constitutive models, and probabilistic methods are especially encouraged. 

(32) Transportation Engineering
Transportation Engineering will publish full research papers, review papers and short communications (new ideas, controversial opinions, proof of concept). The scope of Transportation engineering covers all as aspects of transport engineering, including both vehicle engineering (including automotive, aerospace, and naval) and civil engineering (planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation for all type of systems infrastructures).

(33) Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering
As an academic journal, the Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering (English Edition) provides a platform for the exchange and discussion of novel and creative ideas on theoretical and experimental research in the field of transportation. This journal publishes high-quality peer-reviewed papers on engineering, planning, management, and information technology for transportation.

(34) Composite Structures
Composite Structures, an International Journal, disseminates knowledge between users, manufacturers, designers, and researchers involved in structures or structural components manufactured using composite materials.

composite structures

(35) International Journal of Solids and Structures
The International Journal of Solids and Structures has as its objective the publication and dissemination of original research in Mechanics of Solids and Structures as a field of Applied Science and Engineering. It fosters thus the exchange of ideas among workers in different parts of the world and also among workers who emphasize different aspects of the foundations and applications of the field.

(36) Journal of Fluids and Structures
The Journal of Fluids and Structures serves as a focal point and a forum for the exchange of ideas, for the many kinds of specialists and practitioners concerned with fluidstructure interactions and the dynamics of systems related thereto, in any field. One of its aims is to foster the cross-fertilization of ideas, methods and techniques in the various disciplines involved.

(37) Engineering
Engineering is an international open-access journal that was launched by the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) in 2015. Its aims are to provide a high-level platform where cutting-edge advancements in engineering R&D, current major research outputs, and key achievements can be disseminated and shared; to report progress in engineering science, discuss hot topics, areas of interest, challenges, and prospects in engineering development, and consider human and environmental well-being and ethics in engineering; to encourage engineering breakthroughs and innovations that are of profound economic and social importance, enabling them to reach advanced international standards and to become a new productive force, and thereby changing the world, benefiting humanity, and creating a new future.

(38) Development Engineering
Development EngineeringThe Journal of Engineering in Economic Development (Dev Eng) is an open access, interdisciplinary journal applying engineering and economic research to the problems of poverty. Published studies must present novel research motivated by a specific global development problem. The journal serves as a bridge between engineers, economists, and other scientists involved in research on human, social, and economic development.

(39) Alexandria Engineering Journal
Alexandria Engineering Journal is an international journal devoted to publishing high-quality papers in the field of engineering and applied science. Alexandria Engineering Journal is cited in the Engineering Information Services (EIS) and the Chemical Abstracts (CA). The papers published in Alexandria Engineering Journal are grouped into five sections, according to the following classification:

• Mechanical, Production, Marine and Textile Engineering
• Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Nuclear Engineering
• Civil and Architecture Engineering
• Chemical Engineering and Applied Sciences
• Environmental Engineering

(40) Engineering Failure Analysis
Engineering Failure Analysis publishes research papers describing the analysis of engineering failures and related studies. Papers relating to the structure, properties and behaviour of engineering materials are encouraged, particularly those which also involve the detailed application of materials parameters to problems in engineering structures, components and design. In addition to the area of materials engineering, the interacting fields of mechanical, manufacturing, aeronautical, civil, chemical, corrosion and design engineering are considered relevant. 

(41) Developments in the Built Environment
Developments in the Built Environment (DIBE) is a new peer-reviewed gold open access (OA) journal whereby upon acceptance all articles are permanently and freely available. DIBE publishes original papers and short communications resulting from research in civil engineering and the built environment. This journal covers all topics related to construction materials and building sustainability, leading to a holistic approach that will benefit the community.

(42) Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal
Engineering Science and Technology, an International Journal (JESTECH) (formerly Technology), a peer-reviewed quarterly engineering journal, publishes both theoretical and experimental high quality papers of permanent interest, not previously published in journals, in the field of engineering and applied science which aims to promote the theory and practice of technology and engineering. In addition to peer-reviewed original research papers, the Editorial Board welcomes original research reports, state-of-the-art reviews and communications in the broadly defined field of engineering science and technology.

(43) International Journal of Engineering Science
The International Journal of Engineering Science is not limited to a specific aspect of science and engineering but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in the engineering sciences. While it encourages a broad spectrum of contribution in the engineering sciences, its core interest lies in issues concerning material modeling and response. Articles of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome.

(44) Fire Safety Journal
Fire Safety Journal is the leading publication dealing with all aspects of fire safety engineering. Its scope is purposefully wide, as it is deemed important to encourage papers from all sources within this multidisciplinary subject, thus providing a forum for its further development as a distinct engineering discipline. This is an essential step towards gaining a status equal to that enjoyed by the other engineering disciplines.

(45) Water Resources and Economics
Water Resources and Economics is one of a series of specialist titles launched by the highly-regarded Water Research. For the purpose of sustainable water resources management, understanding the multiple connections and feedback mechanisms between water resources and the economy is crucial. Water Resources and Economics addresses the financial and economic dimensions associated with water resources use and governance, across different economic sectors like agriculture, energy, industry, shipping, recreation and urban and rural water supply, at local, regional and transboundary scale.

(46) Geomechanics for Energy and the Environment
The aim of the Journal is to publish research results of the highest quality and of lasting importance on the subject of geomechanics, with the focus on applications to geological energy production and storage, and the interaction of soils and rocks with the natural and engineered environment. Special attention is given to concepts and developments of new energy geotechnologies that comprise intrinsic mechanisms protecting the environment against a potential engineering induced damage, hence warranting sustainable usage of energy resources.


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