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Today’s Question
What is the vertical support reaction at point B of the frame?

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  1. Sum of Moment respect point (A)= By x 5m + 1.0 x 14m = 0 then By = -1.0 x 14 / 5 = – 2.8kN = (-14/5) or if you look at the first triangular bending moment from A to B which is equal to 9.0kNm and divide it for the lever arm which is 5m it is possible to find the reaction Ay = 1.8kN then for the equilibrium of the vertical forces let's say: Ay=1.8kN + By + X2=1.0kn = 0 then By= -2.8 or (-14/5), hence B) is correct.

  2. Total Reaction, Ay + By = – 1 kN (let's say Equation 1)

    Taking moment about B,
    Ay x 5 = 1 x 9
    Ay = 9/5 kN

    Apply the value of Ay in Equation 1, we have

    By = -1 – (9/5) = -14/5 kN

    B) -14/5

  3. -14/5

    If you calculate moment from Point A you get he equation B*5 + (1)*14=0
    And then you get B=-14/5


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