Question of the Day (01/06/2018)

Structville daily questions
From now henceforth, Structville will be publishing daily questions on different aspects of civil engineering. You are expected to enter your response in the comment section. At the end of every week, exceptional participants will stand a chance to win some gifts. This exercise is open to participants all over the world. Happy new month to you all.

Today’s Question
What is the deflection at point 2 of a structure if diagram (a) is the bending moment due to externally applied load, and (b) is the bending moment due to vertically applied virtual load at point 2? (The main bending moment diagram is obtained from equation of the form, wl2/2)

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  1. From the hint,
    Bending moment=wl^2/2
    Hence, if BM=6KNm from diagram then
    From deflection formula fr a cantilever, ∆=wl^4/8EI
    ∆ = 6/EI.
    Option (B) is correct


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