Bridge Design Textbook

We are pleased to announce the release of our publication on the ‘Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridges‘. This publication is part of the proceedings of our January 2021 Webinar on Bridge Design.

The publication essentially contains full calculation sheets on the analysis and design of different structural components of a T-beam bridge (beam and deck slab bridge) such as;

  1. Deck slab
  2. Reinforced Concrete Girders (beams)
  3. Bearings
  4. Pier Cap
  5. Piers
  6. Abutment
  7. Pile Cap
bridge deck section
bridge design

Both computer and manual methods were adopted in the analysis presented, and the design considers the effect of wind, temperature, and secondary traffic loads such as braking, traction, etc on the bridge. Other elements such as parapets, precast planks (filigree slab) for receiving the in-situ topping of the deck slab, etc were also considered in the design. The design was carried out according to the British Standards.

To obtain the book for NGN 5,000 only, click HERE


Some excerpts from the publication are shown below;

bridge deck section
The typical bridge deck section
longitudinal section
Typical longitudinal view of the bridge
bending moment on bridge deck slab due to dead load
vertical shear in deck slab
main beam design
Temperature effect
bending moment in beams
bridge reinforcement calculation
piers loading
abutment design

To obtain the book for NGN 5,000 only, click HERE

bridge design


  1. I am so grateful to see your publication, I hope it’s excellent drafted design but the list content is not there to view it and unless it’s showing to any customer then it’s hard to buy it


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