New Textbook: Modelling, Analysis, and Design of Overhead Steel Tank Supports

This book has been written to address an area of structural design which is usually neglected by clients, architects, and homeowners. During the brief for the structural design of a residential building or a villa, serious attention is not usually paid to the structural design of the overhead tank supports. Overhead tank supports are structural members which are subjected to heavy imposed loads and environmental actions. As a result, they should be treated with much seriousness as other structures.

This publication, therefore, aims to cover the basic requirement or knowledge needed to design steel tank supports. However, it cannot suffice for full structural engineering textbooks on the design of steel structures.

Staad Pro is a popular structural engineering software. It has been utilised in this book to demonstrate, model, analyse, and obtain the internal forces that are induced in a steel tank support. The subsequent structural design of the structure is carried out manually in accordance with Eurocode 3 (BS EN 1993-1-1:2005). The procedure presented in the book is also applicable to the design of steel members in other structures.

Chapter one of the book talks about the rationale behind the adoption of overhead tanks, the alternatives, and some engineering principles in water supply and distribution in residential buildings and large-scale municipal water supply.

Chapter two discusses the structural schemes that can be adopted for overhead steel water tank supports. The members of the frame and their functions are also described.

Chapter three talks about the application of wind action to open lattice steel frame structures according to BS EN 1991-1-4. A practical wind action analysis is also presented.

In chapters four and five, the modelling steps of overhead steel tanks in Staad Pro software, and the results of the analysis are presented.

Chapter six shows the actual structural design and verification of the structural members according to the requirements of Eurocode 3.

The special benefits of purchasing this textbook are;

(1) Full design manual on modelling, analysis, and design of overhead tanks
(2) FREE video tutorial on modelling and analysis of overhead tanks on Staad Pro Software
(3) FREE AUTOCAD file on detailing of steel tank support members
(4) Knowledge on application of wind load on open lattice structures
(5) Design of structural members subjected to various loading

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